>Terraria 1.05

>The new version of Terraria has hit the streets.  No longer will bats follow you under water.  Instead you will find Jelly Fish there lurking for your tasty 16bit flesh.

The new update has cleaned up some game play issues.  Made it a tad easier to mine meteor rock by slowing the Meteor heads a bit and taking off some of their HP.

My favorite new find are rocket boots.  Now I can fly!  I also have a Voodoo doll for the Guide, too chicken to try it out.

New enemies include Hellbat, Demon, Jellyfish, Shark, Vulture, Crab, Antlion.
The guide NPC will now explain what can be used for recipes if you show him a material component.

>Supreme Court Upholds Six-Year-Old’s right to PWN


Having read the article linked above all I can say is parents need to be involved in the video games they purchase for their children.  Or more importantly, the video games they purchase on their own while you are shopping for belts at the local Target.  One of the reasons I write this blog is to raise awareness of what the heck your kids are doing glued to their Xbox or Nintendo branded 3D handheld devices.  Pay attention people!

As a gamer and a parent there are titles in the house only I play.  There is a reason.  Not just gratuitous violence but also live interaction with the people who play online.  The biggest potty mouths in the world live on Xbox live.  They are usually 11 years old who have just learned these words the week before.  I am talking serious swearing here.  Personally I don’t like it.  Kid’s swearing just makes me mad.  If I talked like that in my 11 year old days I would have been belted black and blue.  Ok, I guess I am just jealous.

Now back to the Supreme Court.  I don’t have problem with the opinion, except now that 30% of the sub 13 year old population now can purchase Halo (or any other of my favorite shooters) and PWN me.  And how do you think that makes me feel?  Old…..

>Terraria "Can You Dig It?"

>The game that seems to have 10 and 12 year olds in our house all aflutter is Terraria. So much so that I decided to download it myself and give it a try.  Terraria is an open ended time waster likeMinecraft where you build, dig, fight and generally have a good time.

It is available via Steam, it is an indie game with an impressive 200,000 downloads so far. At 9.99 a copy it seems to be a good value so far.  (Keeping pre teens quiet for hours at a stretch is a feat for anything.)  It has a multi player mode, you trade your IP address to a friend, open a firewall locally (always scary for the NetNovice) and enter your friends Terraria.  Since Steam allows friends to chat via headsets, all kinds of multi-player fun may ensue.

I will report on game play a little later. I have not figured out how to make a torch yet.  Makes exploring the underground tough.  All I can say now is 9.99 = a lot of quiet…….  That is value!

>Warcraft of the Worldly Kind. What does iLvl do for you?

>I dabble in raiding.  I am not hardcore.  I enjoy seeing new content but….  Sometimes I get bored waiting around for everyone to get ready.  25 man raiding can try your patience.  I know it tries mine on the best raids and guilds.  So when Cataclysm came out I leisurely leveled a number of toons but I did not get them raid ready very quickly.  10 man raids help. Less people waiting around for things to start.

I play on two servers, Trollbane, play with people I have known 30 years or more, people I have rolled dice with.  I also play on Elune, with people I known for 10 years, people I have rolled dice with.  On Trollbane I play Horde, on Elune I play Alliance.  I left Elune but brought my hunter toon, Horto back to help my Mrs. level her Alliance Shammy.  Horto started as a Dwarf, then went Troll now is back to Dwarf.  He is probably very confused.
Ok now if you have not played in a while how you gear your toon is now based on iLevel (ilvl) This is a gear measurement embedded in the game.  This is how you separate the I just turned 85 level player from the I have been running heroics non stop player from the I have raided and killed all the heroic boss player.
There are ilevel milestones.  Here they are in a nutshell;
ilvl 328  You can now enter heroic 5 mans with strangers through the Looking For Group system.
ilvl 340  You can now do RAIDing, start with Baradin’s Hold so you don’t embarrass yourself.
ilvl 346  You can now do the 2 new 5 mans.  The “troll dungeons” Heroic Zul’Aman or Zul’Gurub.
So each piece of gear you get has an ilvl.  WoW keeps track of your average gear level as a stat now.  But it is not what you are wearing but rather what you are wearing and what is in your bags.  Houston, this is our problem……
Wow players who may use a toon for two different purposes may not have all the gear needed in one of those purposes… When I say purposes I mean to say roles and when I say roles I really mean spec and when I say spec I, well, never mind.  They may not have the gear to heal or to tank, but can get into RAIDs and Troll Dungeons without the correct gear level because their gear ilvl is not divided up by gear designed for 2 different roles.  If you have ilvl340 Ret Gear, but attempt to tank Zul’Aman with ilvl 328 tank gear, you will just make the healer in your pug (Pick Up Group) mad.  Why, because you can’t tank Zul’Aman with 328 gear no matter how godly you believe your tanking skills are.  And it really pisses off the healer who has been waiting 30 minutes in a que to heal Zul’Aman.