>Price cut August 12 of Nintendo’s 3DS handheld.

>For you holding off on purchasing a Nintendo 3DS there is a price drop August 12th.  Nintendo was hoping to sell 16 million units by the end of the year.  If you have a youngin in your family going cross-eyed waiting to afford the 3DS, then Christmas may come a little early.  The list price is 249.00 currently and it should be slashed by $80.00 in the next couple of days for US consumers.  Early adopters should not feel cheated, reports coming in that current owners of the 3DS will get 20 free games.  So far US sales are about 830,000 units.

Why the price change?  Mobile gaming on tablets and phones seems to be the answer.  At the week at the beach this year in our family the iPad was the game system most coveted by a dozen or so cousins and nephews and nieces.

>Terraria on Sale! 25% off a game that only costs 9.95 regularly.

>It is only available on Steam but that means you don’t have to spend any money on gasoline to purchase this latest PC craze!  Terraria is an open ended 16 bit (mid 90s graphics) game where you can pick your whole world apart, literally.  Or if you are the lazy sort, throw some dynamite and pick up what is left over.

This game is great for 10+ years old, or even a swift 9 year old.  You can build castles, defend them from Goblin and Zombie hordes, make a moat with water, lava or both!  Dig deep into the earth and mine precious metals and semi precious stones.  Reroute underwater caverns full of water, fish, slimes and jellyfish.

Currently version 1.05 but the developers are already discussing version 1.1.  Check out the link…