>Anyone Got a Spare Soul Gem? Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

>I bought Oblivion for my Xbox back in 2006, played for a few hours then promptly forgot about it.  I have returned to the game because watching the Sprout Channel with my 15 month old I can only handle a few hours a day……

The game is really big.  I mean really big.  Hundreds of quests.  Many non linear. You can do them in any order.  Certain quests have level requirements to start.  The monsters and enemies you battle while completing the quests level with you.  If you return to a fort you have cleaned out at level 3 and you happen to be level 10, it has been restocked with tough challenges for you.

Oblivion requires constant saving.  You will die a lot.  It is hard to play.  If you antagonize more than one enemy generally you are toast. There are preset sneaky or wizard type characters you can play or you can create your own class. Be a battle mage or thief.  Sneaky or strong, or both!

It is available for the PS3 and the PC  There is downloadable content for both if you manage to finish the game to continue your adventures.

I have never liked the graphics.  The people in the game are rather plain and ugly.  Elf, human, Nord… all the races seem to be carved out in block form.  This game was published originally in 2006 and even accounting for time it feels like Jack Kirby was the art director.  (Jack originally penciled/co created the Fantastic Four in the early sixties and died in 1994.)

Certain parts of the game are troubling.  Weapons that are magic items have to be recharged.  And the magic weapons generally don’t have a lot of charges.. And it is expensive to recharge them.  Travel between places can be manual or instantaneous, you can go buy a horse and then go by horse and they are expensive. If you are not careful your horse can get killed.

Although complicated there is help.  There are websites, Wikis, devoted to the game and will help you get through the game.  I admit I use them often when I get stuck.

I admit with all the warts I like the game. I am still playing.  I want to finish sometime soon as the next in the series comes out, Skyrim, due in November of 2011.