Best Gaming Laptop, January 2012 for $1500.00 or less.

For my birthday this year my wife was very generous.  Pick out a laptop for talking on the road for gaming!  She gave me a $1500.00 budget and told me we could order it a few weeks after my birthday.  I was thrilled.

So every day I looked on the Internet and read reviews and scanned sales and cruised Amazon, New Egg and Dell Outlet.  I read reviews.  I carefully compared what games would do what FPS on what GPU.

Ok maybe I took one or two days off, but other than that, I was looking.  This is what I found my needs were.  I wanted a 17 inch computer.  I wanted graphics in the NVidia 750 or AMD 6970 (M versions, for Mobile).  I wanted a keyboard that was backlit and I wanted an core I7 processor.  I wanted a 1920 x 1080 monitor.  I was asking for a lot.  Secondary was a second drive (that I could add later if I wanted) and minimum 8 GB Ram.

Ok I got close with a new computer.  The MSI 780DX – 406.  Not a great name but it had everything I wanted (NV 750M GPU) 12 GB RAM, Steel Series keyboard, 1920 by 1080 graphics on a 17 inch non glossy screen.  And the price was close.  1549.00 from Amazon.  And by the time I was ready to order a 100.00 dollar rebate.  Awesome Sauce!

Yet…. I chose the Dell outlet Alienware with a slightly lesser video card, NVidia 560M.  8 gig HD and the 1600 by 900 69 HZ panel. Why?  I used a friends 18x Alienware laptop a couple weeks ago and it was tank like.  Beastly.  And it contained the Nvidia 460 discrete video card and it was still smoking the FPS in Skyrim with the the video settings cranked up.  The one I ordered came up on the Dell Outlet with 8 gigs of RAM and a 500 GB HD for 1329.00…. And there is a 20% off coupon code which made it too good of a deal to pass up.  Also you can buy a new screen for 200 bucks off ebay any time you want that will get me the extra pixels if I feel I just have to have them.  I ordered one year of MacAfee for 15.99 and a nice case for 54.00 and was still way below my budget.

The Alienware is refurbished, but has the standard year service via web and if that does not work they will send someone to my house.  The Alienware has a SD card slot, the one my camera uses, that was a big plus.  The Alienware has one interesting feature I had not seen on other laptops.  An HDMI IN port, so I could plug in my Xbox or PS3 (I have both) into the port and the computer will support the video and sound for the incoming device.  It also has a 720p camera so I can Google Hangout where ever I want to hangout.

There was enough money left over to order 2 copies of Office for Students off the Dell website for the two HP laptops her boys got for Christmas.  I will Open Office and Google Docs my way thru, no Microsoft needed for myself.

I will be hanging out near the front door this Thursday, when Dell will deliver my beast!