It is an Oddworld in Microsoft Game Publishing.

The Forbes article nails it. Gaming is splintering and Indie games are the ones that will eventually bring more people into the medium as well as MORE money. Microsoft has blown it with the Xbox One and now looks like it will not let independent game companies on Xbox Live. Silly silly Microsoft. Stock up on Sony… Stock!

Playing Too Much Diablo? Go back to Skyrim…

Dawnguard DLC has arrived on Steam.  You can now stop Vampire’s from blotting out the sun.  Or become a Vampire, and help blot out the sun.  Or maybe you just want to be a better werewolf.  It is all in the new $19.95 download from the nice folks who brought you Skyrim.  You need Skyrim to play this but you already knew that.

Click here to order…


Trends in selling you a Video Game….. Xbox 720 rumor…..

I have been reading a couple of news bits around the web about an upcoming Xbox model console that will include the feature of not playing a previoously used Game. I think this is idiotic on several levels if it is true. I can understand Microsoft wanting to capitalize on sales of games and getting more revenue by taking the USED retail (Game Stop for example) and by mail Game Rental Companies ( revenue stream but…… I now live in a Multi Xbox home. If I can play the games I buy on just one console I am going to be pissed. If Microsoft really wants to kill the second tier game sales market, they need to go all download and connect it to Xbox Live accounts. Of course that would require Live to be free (It should be, there are already too many advertisements in something for which I pay monthly.)

I think Steam has it right. I can download games and play them from anywhere I can log in from. Same currently with Xbox Live. I can re-download anything I have purchased from their store and play it.

I don’t see any bonus for the consumer for a new Xbox with such a feature, can you?

>Supreme Court Upholds Six-Year-Old’s right to PWN


Having read the article linked above all I can say is parents need to be involved in the video games they purchase for their children.  Or more importantly, the video games they purchase on their own while you are shopping for belts at the local Target.  One of the reasons I write this blog is to raise awareness of what the heck your kids are doing glued to their Xbox or Nintendo branded 3D handheld devices.  Pay attention people!

As a gamer and a parent there are titles in the house only I play.  There is a reason.  Not just gratuitous violence but also live interaction with the people who play online.  The biggest potty mouths in the world live on Xbox live.  They are usually 11 years old who have just learned these words the week before.  I am talking serious swearing here.  Personally I don’t like it.  Kid’s swearing just makes me mad.  If I talked like that in my 11 year old days I would have been belted black and blue.  Ok, I guess I am just jealous.

Now back to the Supreme Court.  I don’t have problem with the opinion, except now that 30% of the sub 13 year old population now can purchase Halo (or any other of my favorite shooters) and PWN me.  And how do you think that makes me feel?  Old…..

>On Vacation….

>I brought the Ps3 on vacation. I played some Dragon Age 2 while visiting my father in Virginia. I am enjoying the story line in Dragon Age 2 and the game play has been great. I have had only one freeze and I had been playing three hours straight. I had saved it was no big deal. The map system is a little confusing at first but it did not take long to figure it out.

This is definitely a game for 15 and up, the language can be a little harsh for the younger set. More later….

>Anyone Got a Spare Soul Gem? Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

>I bought Oblivion for my Xbox back in 2006, played for a few hours then promptly forgot about it.  I have returned to the game because watching the Sprout Channel with my 15 month old I can only handle a few hours a day……

The game is really big.  I mean really big.  Hundreds of quests.  Many non linear. You can do them in any order.  Certain quests have level requirements to start.  The monsters and enemies you battle while completing the quests level with you.  If you return to a fort you have cleaned out at level 3 and you happen to be level 10, it has been restocked with tough challenges for you.

Oblivion requires constant saving.  You will die a lot.  It is hard to play.  If you antagonize more than one enemy generally you are toast. There are preset sneaky or wizard type characters you can play or you can create your own class. Be a battle mage or thief.  Sneaky or strong, or both!

It is available for the PS3 and the PC  There is downloadable content for both if you manage to finish the game to continue your adventures.

I have never liked the graphics.  The people in the game are rather plain and ugly.  Elf, human, Nord… all the races seem to be carved out in block form.  This game was published originally in 2006 and even accounting for time it feels like Jack Kirby was the art director.  (Jack originally penciled/co created the Fantastic Four in the early sixties and died in 1994.)

Certain parts of the game are troubling.  Weapons that are magic items have to be recharged.  And the magic weapons generally don’t have a lot of charges.. And it is expensive to recharge them.  Travel between places can be manual or instantaneous, you can go buy a horse and then go by horse and they are expensive. If you are not careful your horse can get killed.

Although complicated there is help.  There are websites, Wikis, devoted to the game and will help you get through the game.  I admit I use them often when I get stuck.

I admit with all the warts I like the game. I am still playing.  I want to finish sometime soon as the next in the series comes out, Skyrim, due in November of 2011.