Terraria and Skyrim and Lego MMO

Well the under 20′s above 2 set in our house, boys 11 and 13, seem to be Terraria crazy since the update.  I have not played much Terraria lately myself but Teen and PreTeen here have really enjoyed the update.  Lots of new weapons and armor to find and craft.  New bosses to learn to destroy.  The Molton Armor set no longer requires gold armor to craft.  And a new vendor, the Engineer, selling you bits and pieces to automate your Terraria world.

I have been immersing myself into Skyrim.  The PS3 version.  It is way more fun than Oblivion.  The graphics are great.  The list of exploits to get ahead is amazing!  Oh wait, that is cheating.  The game is so complex that to speed things up, resting for 30 days in game may help with your save times.  I have played two characters.  The first one was a try everything no specialization sucked at combat but still fun character.  My current one is a sneaky cat man with a bow and a penchant for making armor and enchanting it.  I have not had the problems some people have with slow saves and crashes.  (Knocking on virtual wood now)  I do have the bad habit of killing my companions.

A friend came over and returned a borrowed camera.  He had seen my tweets and G+ #Skyrim posts and he asked to see the game.  We played for 30 min on a new character on the PS3.  The next day he downloaded the PC version off Steam.  The game is that good.  Definitely a Christmas Present goodness for the gamer in your house.

And in sad news, the Lego MMO is going off line in January.  They did not get enough players.  Sad because the youngin’s in our house enjoyed playing.  Good bye!

Waiting for Terraria

>We are waiting patiently for Steam to release to us the glory and wonder which will be the Terraria update.  So far no go!  Several members of my household, well 2 actually, actually woke up early to see if it had dropped and play a bit.  Reports on FaceBook said the developers had given the update to Steam but Steam had dropped the ball on the Dec 1 update.  Well so far they have.  We will check often today.

>Terraria on Sale! 25% off a game that only costs 9.95 regularly.

>It is only available on Steam but that means you don’t have to spend any money on gasoline to purchase this latest PC craze!  Terraria is an open ended 16 bit (mid 90s graphics) game where you can pick your whole world apart, literally.  Or if you are the lazy sort, throw some dynamite and pick up what is left over.

This game is great for 10+ years old, or even a swift 9 year old.  You can build castles, defend them from Goblin and Zombie hordes, make a moat with water, lava or both!  Dig deep into the earth and mine precious metals and semi precious stones.  Reroute underwater caverns full of water, fish, slimes and jellyfish.

Currently version 1.05 but the developers are already discussing version 1.1.  Check out the link…

>Terraria 1.05

>The new version of Terraria has hit the streets.  No longer will bats follow you under water.  Instead you will find Jelly Fish there lurking for your tasty 16bit flesh.

The new update has cleaned up some game play issues.  Made it a tad easier to mine meteor rock by slowing the Meteor heads a bit and taking off some of their HP.

My favorite new find are rocket boots.  Now I can fly!  I also have a Voodoo doll for the Guide, too chicken to try it out.

New enemies include Hellbat, Demon, Jellyfish, Shark, Vulture, Crab, Antlion.
The guide NPC will now explain what can be used for recipes if you show him a material component.

>Terraria "Can You Dig It?"

>The game that seems to have 10 and 12 year olds in our house all aflutter is Terraria. So much so that I decided to download it myself and give it a try.  Terraria is an open ended time waster likeMinecraft where you build, dig, fight and generally have a good time.

It is available via Steam, it is an indie game with an impressive 200,000 downloads so far. At 9.99 a copy it seems to be a good value so far.  (Keeping pre teens quiet for hours at a stretch is a feat for anything.)  It has a multi player mode, you trade your IP address to a friend, open a firewall locally (always scary for the NetNovice) and enter your friends Terraria.  Since Steam allows friends to chat via headsets, all kinds of multi-player fun may ensue.

I will report on game play a little later. I have not figured out how to make a torch yet.  Makes exploring the underground tough.  All I can say now is 9.99 = a lot of quiet…….  That is value!