>Countdown to Cataclysm: Part 1

>If you play World of Warcraft, Christmas comes early this year. December 7th actually. Instead of changing everything overnight Blizzard has been piece by piece updating parts of World of Warcraft to prepare for Cataclysm and implementing them now for over a month.

Change is good unless you are a serious raider and have everything just so. Yesterdays prolonged update gave us a new map in the older/original part of the game. New starting areas for some races and new class combinations. You can now have a Tauren Paladin. All I can say is the shoulders will be huge on that character model.

If you are a WoW player and have not logged in for while, this might be the time. New quests for leveling in the 1-60 range, new places to explore and 9 million people to play with. Fun! I will report more detail as I explore!