>Countdown to Cataclysm: Part 2 — Leveling Improved!

>While playing World of Warcraft today on Gorto, the Shaman that never seems to level far I noticed something new and wonderful. Blizzard changed some of the classic instances levels recommendations and content. In particular the Stratholme – Service Entrance is now for levels 46 to 56. In the original World of Warcraft this was a 56-60 level instance. There were not enough late 40′s or early 50s instances in the original game so this is a good thing. A super added bonus quest givers for Stratholme were right inside the instance. Three quests for some decent xp. The best gets better, if you die, the walk from the rez angel is a lot shorter than in pre Cataclysmic World of Warcraft. All good!

I also ran a random BRD, Levels restrictions and mobs were reduced there also. The other woohoo moment was seeing maps in the older instances of the instance. Seeing where bosses are sitting and how the corridors work makes it a lot better for newer players. Maps of instances were started in Wrath of the Lich King. It made dungeoneering a lot easier. Now Blizzard has retro fitted maps into Azeroth instances. Hit the M key and no picture of the continent or zone you are in, but where you and your friend are in the instance!

If you like leveling in instances then this is another good thing! Patch 4.0.3a makes leveling from 70-80 25% quicker. The XP requirement between levels in now 75% of what it was. If you have a toon that is 74 percent done with his current level before the patch then when you log in now his level bar is 1 percent from complete. I had a toon that was 72 and in just that position. I turned in a quest and he dinged. (leveled to 73) Awesome sauce!

Well I will post more as I play. Have fun!