Diablo III Demon Hunter




So far I have been enjoying Diablo III.  I have been plugging away at it and so far have a level 41 Demon Hunter who is in Nightmare Act II.  Above is my so originally named “Batman”.

Diablo III is a game that pits you and up to 3 others against a world that gets more difficult as you play.  While playing the Beta a lot of people remarked that it was “too easy”.  Well the part of the game that was included in the open beta was indeed simple.  The entire first act (of four acts) was created for you to learn the controls and basic game play.  It was not challenging especially to people used the Diablo and Diablo II games.  When you finish the first four acts that compromise the basic game or normal then you unlock the next difficulty level.  Normal, Nightmare, Hell and Inferno.  I have been challenged by the Nightmare difficulty level because I was not careful about my weapon…..

I like the idea of shooting the bad guys from range.  The Demon Hunter character type is good for my preferred style of play.  With spells and shots that slow his enemies you can trap and tumble as much as you want.

To let you customize your game play you can choose to put gems in weapons and armor that have “sockets”.  Gems start out tiny in the game but you can combine three like colored gems to create the next better gem type (or cut).  This is nice when you have an advanced character and start a new one, you can use hand me down gems that give you better stats earlier in the game.

You earn gold in the game and you can spend it on what others find in the game in the public Auction House.  If you look you can find weapons that might have dropped while others were playing that you have not seen.  The Legendary weapons generally do better DPS than the common or “Rare” weapons and I have not found one in my game.  I have purchased them for others to USE in my game though, and they make the more difficult levels a little less difficult.

I am still exploring and will review more soon.  I am looking forward to being able to play with friends in Europe, that should be working soon.  Until next time, may your sword be true and extra pointy.