>Gran Turismo 5 Part One

>I have to admit I loved the earlier version of this game on my trusty PS2. I spent hours trying to improve my lap times, trying out new cars and racing around tracks at insane speeds.

Gran Turismo 5 is the best reason so far to own a Playstation 3. I have logged 2000 miles already which sounds like a lot, but if you are going nearly 200 miles an hour, not so bad….

There are two games here, one call A-spec where you steer the car yourself and B-spec where a computer driver speeds up or slows down or sets the pace at your beckoning.

I admit the B-spec is not as thrilling as driving yourself. Watching and nudging a driver is not exactly exciting but it has one important consideration. The computer driver still gives all his money to you so you can soup up your cars. He gives his cars to you so you can drive them. This is good because it lets you drive faster, better, more fun races.

Why do you care? Hear me out. Why not let the B-spec driver run some laps and make the money while you click over on your big screen to some TV. During commercials change the input back to the PS3 console and your game, see how your driver is doing and if he has finished his current race. If he has finished let him start another one. When the race begins instruct him to keep pace or pace up. Switch back to your TV show since the commercials will start again soon. As I said before, anything the computer driver wins you get to use.

The game is divided into Beginner, Amateur, Professional, Expert and Extreme Series. You or your computer driver must be a certain level to go beyond beginner. Each series has different races, different cars or types of cars that must be driven to enter and if you are skillful, win! Each race gives you or your computer driver experience. The better you do each race, the more experience. Inside each “Series” are 9 different races, some which have up to 6 different tracks to compete on.

You get to start with 20,000 to purchase a car, new or used, and to take it to the tuning shop to add turbo charges, engine upgrades, better tires, noisier exhaust systems, you get the idea here. All this costs money. Racing gets you money, usually the top six are in the money in each race. Of course placing first gets you the most money This is where the B-spec game excels. You can have a computer run races all day with very little input from you to pile up the cash so you can invest in some fine Italian car. And if you tune up your computer drivers car so that it has 30% more horsepower and nice tires, after gaining a few levels it will begin to win those races, making you more money. So you can upgrade your cars. Buy new cars. Put really big turbos in tiny cars for the big fun!

This game was 8 years or more in the making. There are 1000 cars in the game. Only one sports car maker of note is missing. Porsche. Sad but true, they have given another company license to their name and cars for computer gaming. Our loss here, but nothing to really cry about.

That is enough today, part two I will talk about sweet cars, sweet graphics and how to listen to your own MP3′s while racing in GT5.

Ciao baby.