Mists of Pandaria…… Smooth rollout so far…..

I was annoyed that Mists of Pandaria rolled out at 2:00 am my time. (Central US)  I was like, “What was Blizzard thinking?”  I woke up at 4:15 am and logged in and played for thirty minutes.  It was smooth and working…. And there weren’t a million people all trying to do the same thing.  Ok, maybe starting on a weeknight/school night in the middle of the night was the right thing to do.  Since this morning I have played a few hours off an on.  Mostly trying out the first couple of instances, fast and fun so far, and the pet battle system.  Fun for us people too old to have enjoyed Pokemon.

The Art is interesting and engaging.  The Hozen monkeys are fun to zap with an Arcane Barrage.  The Panda Bears are cute and deadly.  The mood is a bit more bright and the game a little more comical which is good to “pander” to a younger audience with more and more to play on the Internet.

So well done Blizzard.  So far the Mists of Pandaria is a great expansion.  I guess we do some leveling and collect some gear and see how it progresses.