Old School or New School for This Old Fool

A couple months back I found out I had a “Friendly Local Game Store” or FLGS. It had been there since last March, I found it in late January and within a week or so I was playing in a real live Dungeons and Dragon 3.5 game within the Arcanis campaign of one Tony Gear.

Playing Dungeons and Dragon is something I have done off and on since 1977 (my sophomore year of High School) when I discovered some of my friends in school played. I had actually seen a map written on graph paper the year before and had someone sort of explain to me what it was about but I didn’t “get it” till I actually played.

I played with the same core group of people from the time I was 15 till 32 years of age when I moved from Northern Virginia to Ann Arbor, Michigan. I lived in Michigan for 12 years and it took me half that time to find another gaming group. I moved to Tennessee and it took me some time to find players but then I remarried and moved south of Nashville and there was no FLGS to recruit people who liked to roll dice and tear up character sheets in frustration. Until now!

Two Sundays ago I started Game Mastering or GMing the same setting I have always done. It is a “home brew” campaign called Kith. I will be discussing it and RPGs in this blog.