>Saphra’s DPS Drama

>Ok. So the life of an elemental shaman is a glamorous one: awesome mail armor, those cool frost witch shoulder thingys that do that frozen-ghosty-air thing (“I’m not a witch – I’m nothing you heard…”), cruising on the proto drake looking for Saronite and Titanium veins. But it’s not all parties all the time, you know.

At the moment, Saphra is struggling with her DPS. Using the cool new Earthquake spell in large groups, I can get my DPS up to the 6000 range. But by the end of the instance it’s considerably lower. I’ve been told I need more haste. More elemental mastery. More cowbell. I’ve tried new gems, I’ve tried different food buffs, I’ve tried more caffeine – come on, I play after the baby goes to sleep. I’m tired!

What’s the magic formula? I don’t know. I see other shammies in instances with me doubling my DPS. It’s embarrassing! I check their stats in recount, they’re using the same spells as me. I check them out in the armory, their armor is a little different but……. I don’t know. I’m open to suggestions!

Who has an elemental shaman around here who can advise me? Help me out, folks!