>Skyrim First Impression.

>Skyrim is trending, check twitter or Google+ and you will see many fans micro blogging about almost everything about the game.  I played and played the previous version, called Oblivion, on my Xbox 360, it was the first RPG I purchased for my then new Xbox.  Oblivion was a huge world and fairly non linear, you could side quest till your heart’s content.  Skyrim, the new game (number 5) in the Morrowind Elder Scrolls universe is that much bigger and there is plenty to do if you want to dally a bit.

It took Bethesda a while to update their 2006 Game of the year Oblivion release.  I think the wait was worth it.  I am playing on the PS3 this run through.  Some PS3 players had problems after 20 hours or so of play with their save file getting slower and slower to update.  Rants on the Web say it was unplayable.  I did not have this problem having played 2 different characters up to level 20.  They patched the PS3 version yesterday, supposedly fixing the problem.  I have actually had a couple of freezes during “fast travel” since the update, but only twice and I save a lot so it has not been a barrier to fun.
What makes this a great game?  Dragons.  Killing them.  Talking to them.  Taking their bones and making armor with them.  Excellent graphics and an engaging story line.  Making your own weapons.  Improving said weapons.  Making your own armor.  Disenchanting armor with magical properties and learning it to enchant your own weapons and armor!
One thing that makes this game different from other RPGs?  You do not level up with experience points per se.  You level up as your skills level up.  If you hit something with your one handed sword enough times, your skill level score in one handed weapons improves.  Each improvement in a skill pushes your over all level up.  In the early levels 4 or 5 skill bumps earns you a new level.  Each level earned lets you spend points in your skill tree making the skills more valuable.  
This is not a family friendly game, way too violent and graphic for playing in front of my 2 year old, plus the dragons are downright scary.  Our 11 year old and 13 year old could probably play without too many nightmares! 
Most people’s biggest complaint is this is a single player game.  I agree it would be fun to play with others.  So I joined some Google Hangouts and chatted with video on my PC while playing on the PS3.  
For 59.99 (retail) I am going to get a lot of hours of play.  Worth it!  For PC, Xbox360 and PS3, PC version even gets fan made updates you can add to the game!  Buy it!