Terraria and Skyrim and Lego MMO

Well the under 20′s above 2 set in our house, boys 11 and 13, seem to be Terraria crazy since the update.  I have not played much Terraria lately myself but Teen and PreTeen here have really enjoyed the update.  Lots of new weapons and armor to find and craft.  New bosses to learn to destroy.  The Molton Armor set no longer requires gold armor to craft.  And a new vendor, the Engineer, selling you bits and pieces to automate your Terraria world.

I have been immersing myself into Skyrim.  The PS3 version.  It is way more fun than Oblivion.  The graphics are great.  The list of exploits to get ahead is amazing!  Oh wait, that is cheating.  The game is so complex that to speed things up, resting for 30 days in game may help with your save times.  I have played two characters.  The first one was a try everything no specialization sucked at combat but still fun character.  My current one is a sneaky cat man with a bow and a penchant for making armor and enchanting it.  I have not had the problems some people have with slow saves and crashes.  (Knocking on virtual wood now)  I do have the bad habit of killing my companions.

A friend came over and returned a borrowed camera.  He had seen my tweets and G+ #Skyrim posts and he asked to see the game.  We played for 30 min on a new character on the PS3.  The next day he downloaded the PC version off Steam.  The game is that good.  Definitely a Christmas Present goodness for the gamer in your house.

And in sad news, the Lego MMO is going off line in January.  They did not get enough players.  Sad because the youngin’s in our house enjoyed playing.  Good bye!