>Terraria "Can You Dig It?"

>The game that seems to have 10 and 12 year olds in our house all aflutter is Terraria. So much so that I decided to download it myself and give it a try.  Terraria is an open ended time waster likeMinecraft where you build, dig, fight and generally have a good time.

It is available via Steam, it is an indie game with an impressive 200,000 downloads so far. At 9.99 a copy it seems to be a good value so far.  (Keeping pre teens quiet for hours at a stretch is a feat for anything.)  It has a multi player mode, you trade your IP address to a friend, open a firewall locally (always scary for the NetNovice) and enter your friends Terraria.  Since Steam allows friends to chat via headsets, all kinds of multi-player fun may ensue.

I will report on game play a little later. I have not figured out how to make a torch yet.  Makes exploring the underground tough.  All I can say now is 9.99 = a lot of quiet…….  That is value!