>Terraria on Sale! 25% off a game that only costs 9.95 regularly.

>It is only available on Steam but that means you don’t have to spend any money on gasoline to purchase this latest PC craze!  Terraria is an open ended 16 bit (mid 90s graphics) game where you can pick your whole world apart, literally.  Or if you are the lazy sort, throw some dynamite and pick up what is left over.

This game is great for 10+ years old, or even a swift 9 year old.  You can build castles, defend them from Goblin and Zombie hordes, make a moat with water, lava or both!  Dig deep into the earth and mine precious metals and semi precious stones.  Reroute underwater caverns full of water, fish, slimes and jellyfish.

Currently version 1.05 but the developers are already discussing version 1.1.  Check out the link…