Trends in selling you a Video Game….. Xbox 720 rumor…..

I have been reading a couple of news bits around the web about an upcoming Xbox model console that will include the feature of not playing a previoously used Game. I think this is idiotic on several levels if it is true. I can understand Microsoft wanting to capitalize on sales of games and getting more revenue by taking the USED retail (Game Stop for example) and by mail Game Rental Companies ( revenue stream but…… I now live in a Multi Xbox home. If I can play the games I buy on just one console I am going to be pissed. If Microsoft really wants to kill the second tier game sales market, they need to go all download and connect it to Xbox Live accounts. Of course that would require Live to be free (It should be, there are already too many advertisements in something for which I pay monthly.)

I think Steam has it right. I can download games and play them from anywhere I can log in from. Same currently with Xbox Live. I can re-download anything I have purchased from their store and play it.

I don’t see any bonus for the consumer for a new Xbox with such a feature, can you?