Welcome to Wired For Games….

Welcome to wiredforgames.com….

Our family welcomes you to our running commentary on family life, fun and games, and the general hilarity that ensues in between waking up and falling asleep at the end of the day.

Our Family:

Don, photographer and IT Infrastructure consultant and work-from-home dad who takes care of Baby Erin, and is an afficionado of all things gamer: board games, word puzzles, online games, video games, RPGs, you name it….

Buff, a full time working mom who loves puzzle games and World of Warcraft, ignores her WiiFit responsibilities, and is working on an MBA because she’s a glutton for punishment…..

Nate and Cam, teen and preteen brothers who own (or have owned) at least one of almost every video game system made since 1998…..
Baby Erin, who is currently fascinated by television remote controls and the iPad…..

Oh and there’s a dog and two cats too, but they aren’t big on gaming……yet.