>Xbox 360 and Halo Reach

>I never played Halo.  I only played a little bit of Halo 2.  I played a lot of Halo 3 on my Xbox.  I had moved to a new place and wanted to meet strangers on the Internet and kill them.  Halo 3 was good for that.  I was never very good, but I had some fun being other peoples target and occasionally getting in a head shot.  I probably played 300 hours worth.  It was a good investment for playing time versus the cost.

I bought Halo Reach when it came out.  I played Halo Reach for about 2 hours and then forgot about it.  Not such a good investment in the beginning.  It was fun but shooters are hard.  Especially for my slowing reaction time, 48 years and counting.  Too many teenagers cursing while playing also took the fun out of it for me.  I admit that sometimes I feel like the “Shooter” is the lowest form of gaming.  I like them once in a while. I do enjoy to “blow off” the proverbial “steam” emptying a few virtual clips into a virtual alien.  And it is much better for my police record than real world gun play, sniping neighbors is frowned upon here in middle TN.

Then a long time gaming friend from “real life” bought an Xbox 360 this last Christmas.  I missed playing games with “real life Andy”.  Games with dice, paper and some really neat bits and pieces. Andy actually makes some really cool pieces and parts for paper and dice gaming.  Magnetic roll mats, tokens, walls for 3d dungeons and futuristic layouts.  Check out www.dark-platypus.com and tell Andy I sent ya.

 I had tried to suck Andy in to World of Warcraft on several occasions.  He did not have that much time to invest (or waste, your call).  I asked him what he was going to purchase and play online with his new shiny Xbox 360. Halo Reach was the answer.  So I have started playing again.  On Tuesday evenings in an informal group, Andy, his wife, brother and some friends.  Playing with people who do not curse and who skill level is only several times mine versus five or ten times.  And last night, on the last game, I was on the winning team, with the most kills.  It doesn’t happen often. It was joyful.